Music sounds better when it’s Enhanced


Enhanced Music Publishing is an independent, global music publisher based in London, operating at the forefront of discovering and nurturing talented writers, producers and artists. We pride ourselves with our commitment to providing a personalised, attentive support service to both the writers and clients we work with to maximise results.


Writer & Artist

Working with our talented writers and artists to provide new opportunities and develop their careers to new heights


Copyright &
Royalty Collection

Rapid and efficient administration of copyright worldwide to maximise your earnings and get you paid quickly.


& Licensing Services

Getting music to the right ears and successfully and consistently placing our music in TV, Film, Advertisements and online


Worldwide partnership
with Sony Music Publishing

Sub-publishing by Sony Music Publishing offices worldwide - A team made up of A&R, Sync and Publishing experts, adding value to the Enhanced team


At Enhanced Music Publishing we pride ourselves on our proactive dedication to seek the best opportunities to pitch and license our catalogue to.

We have worked with some of the world’s biggest brands and ensure the partnerships we create are ones where our clients can trust we will always make sure each project is treated with full commitment, communication and passion to create an amazing finished product.

We understand sync, and want to help you make your vision a reality no matter the budget, time constraint or other hurdle you might face.

Want to license an Enhanced song?
Want to license an Enhanced song?

Music Sounds Better When It's Enhanced

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With thousands of titles in our catalogue, please get in touch with your brief and we will endeavour to present a solution.

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